Monday, February 7, 2011

Introducing NaBelle's Beauties

I have a 7 year old daughter we will refer to her as NaBelle.  I noticed it when she was about 18 monthes old on a trip to the beach and she found a stick and drew in the sand and then collected rocks and made mosaics.  Needless to say she is one creative girl.  About 2 years ago she started doing big girl crafts and it has been a process.  She has learned a lot in that time.  Making sure you have all you items for you project and thinking it through in your head from beginning to end have been big ones to get under her belt.  If I am doing a project I can guarantee she will be doing one similar with her own twist.  Sometimes they are a disaster and other times I am quite impressed..they would be comparable to the best blog crafters out there. I am a hands off helper when it comes to the creating and coach her through her how to accomplish what she wants to do and help only when she feels like she might burn herself with her hot glue gun(yes she has her very own) or she doesn't have the strength to do something.    I am thrilled to  introduce NaBelle's Beauties: 


You can follow the same directions from my LOVE frames and to be honest I like hers more than mine!