Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Actvities for Dental Health Month and Dr Seuss' Birthday

I love this book!!! It is perfect for young children when you are talking about issues of teeth and it wraps up February nicely leading right into Dr Seuss's Birthday!!!.

At our local school store I picked up a pad of teeth shapes, teeth stickers, and 10 tooth erasers. I took 10 of them and put the numbers 1-10 and then another ten and put stickers on them 1 on 1, 2 on another and continue through the number ten. This is great on so many levels and this what I use these for:
1. Taking the teeth with numbers on them and practicing number recognition and then putting them in proper order.
2. Taking the teeth with numbers and the one with stickers and play a matching game
3. Use the teeth erasers as counters and the numbered teeth to practice counting.

I found these pictures of mouthes on line and I printed them off and cut them out and programmed them. One says "t at the beginning" and the other says "t at the end". I then took several pictures of different items. Now we are ready to play this game. I put the mouthes side by side with a space in the middle of them and put the pictures face down. Each child takes a turn picking up a picture and deciding which mouth it belongs to. To make it a little trickier I have some pictures that don't go on either and one that goes on both(tent).

These teeth definately need some brushing! With the same tooth shapes from above I took the left overs and laminated them. I then took a dry erase marker and drew sugar bugs all over them. Now with all the children armed with a sugar bug laden tooth and tooth brush they get busy brushing those sugar bugs away(be prepared to keep readding sugar bugs to the teeth, in my experience 15 minutes or more)

I also take the oppurtunity to teach the "t" sound and the "th" sound and tooth is the perfect word to teach the difference.

What makes out teeth happy and sad? I programmed 2 teeth shapes one with a sad face and one with a happy face. Then cut out some pictures of different foods. I place the teeth next to each other and put the pictures face down and the kids take turns deciding what makes our teeeth happpy or sad!!!



  1. Where did you get the food pictures?

  2. I love the laminated teeth with toothbrushes! Thank you for this idea to fill out that lesson plan!

  3. Love this! Did you just buy a lot of tooth brushes for this actvity?

  4. I did buy a bunch of toothbrushes for this actvity...I found them for a few dollars at Walgreens

  5. Julia- I love the dry-erase teeth idea. How cute! I am going to feature this idea on my blog! :) I never thought about how the word "tooth" is difficult to pronounce for kids.

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  7. You also may note that February 28 is National Tooth Fairy Day:

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