Monday, February 28, 2011

One Fish, Red Fish, All Colors of Fish Fish

Fish Lunch to go with the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss:



Cat in the Hat Matching Game- Word Rhymes



You Need:
Cat in the Hat paper cut outs

To Make:
Program 3 hats with 3 different ryhming words( I used words from the most popular Dr Seuss books)
Do this until you have enough for a matching game

To Play:
Play like a regular memory game but this time you will be trying to find the 3 rhyming words.


Cat in the Hat Matching Game

This was a super simple game to make to play with my preschooler:


You Need: 
 Cat in the Hat cut outs
Cat in the hat stickers

To Make:
Place one sticker on the back of each hat, X 2 so there are 2 of each type of stickers hat

To Play:
Lay it out like memory
Take turns turning the hats over to find matches
If you don't find a match flip over your hats and it is the naxt players turn


Cat in the Hat Treats Revisited

I had posted a couple of weeks ago a Cat in the Hat Treat and I made one smalll adjustment.  I found red fruit by the foot and added that instead of peel and pull Twizzlers for the red stripe on the hat.



One Fish Two Fish Treat-Dr Seuss's Birthday

This is going to be a fun surpise in my childrens lunches today to start off our Dr Seuss celebration this week:

You Need:
Labels( printed from your computer-mine says One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and then in the small print it say okay only red fish today!)
Clear Bags
Swedish Fish

To Make:
Add fish to bags
Staple label to top of bag

Saturday, February 26, 2011

St Patricks Day Frame

Lay the coins around the frame.

Hot glue them into place.

Add your favorite St Patricks Day saying.


St Patricks Day Framed Button Art

Take the buttons a make a pattern and then hot glue them into place directly ont he glass.

Add desired paper into frame.

I loved how this turned out with the help of my teen!

St Patricks Day Subway Art

     I have not been a huge St Patricks Day celebrator, but we are partly Irish so I decided maybe we should decorate a bit for the holiday.  On that note I do not want to spend a lot of money doing so since it will be up for roughly 17 days.  Using the frame I used for my Valentines Day subway art  I found this fabulous FREE download and for $10 I have this:


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Actvities for Dental Health Month and Dr Seuss' Birthday

I love this book!!! It is perfect for young children when you are talking about issues of teeth and it wraps up February nicely leading right into Dr Seuss's Birthday!!!.

At our local school store I picked up a pad of teeth shapes, teeth stickers, and 10 tooth erasers. I took 10 of them and put the numbers 1-10 and then another ten and put stickers on them 1 on 1, 2 on another and continue through the number ten. This is great on so many levels and this what I use these for:
1. Taking the teeth with numbers on them and practicing number recognition and then putting them in proper order.
2. Taking the teeth with numbers and the one with stickers and play a matching game
3. Use the teeth erasers as counters and the numbered teeth to practice counting.

I found these pictures of mouthes on line and I printed them off and cut them out and programmed them. One says "t at the beginning" and the other says "t at the end". I then took several pictures of different items. Now we are ready to play this game. I put the mouthes side by side with a space in the middle of them and put the pictures face down. Each child takes a turn picking up a picture and deciding which mouth it belongs to. To make it a little trickier I have some pictures that don't go on either and one that goes on both(tent).

These teeth definately need some brushing! With the same tooth shapes from above I took the left overs and laminated them. I then took a dry erase marker and drew sugar bugs all over them. Now with all the children armed with a sugar bug laden tooth and tooth brush they get busy brushing those sugar bugs away(be prepared to keep readding sugar bugs to the teeth, in my experience 15 minutes or more)

I also take the oppurtunity to teach the "t" sound and the "th" sound and tooth is the perfect word to teach the difference.

What makes out teeth happy and sad? I programmed 2 teeth shapes one with a sad face and one with a happy face. Then cut out some pictures of different foods. I place the teeth next to each other and put the pictures face down and the kids take turns deciding what makes our teeeth happpy or sad!!!


Cat and the Hat Snacks, what's not to like about that!!!

You Need:
White frosting
Pull and Peel Cherry Twizzlers

To Make:

Frost the top of the oreo

Pull a strand of the Twizzler off and set one end on top

Place a marshmallow on the top

Put frosting on top of it and add another marshmallow

Wrap the twizzler around the hat and adhere with frosting

Tada Cat in the Hat hats!!!!!


St Patricks Day Tic Tac Toe

You Need:
3x3 square shelf(I found mine at the $ Tree)
2 different shapes of green glass
white paint

To Make:

Remove shelf hangers

Paint shelf white, let dry!

Ready to play Tic Tac Toe


What is at the end of rainbow?

I found these 2 buckets at Michaels last year(75% off) and the 2 different colored coins as well. My preschoolers find the coins in the rainbow colored rice and sort them between the 2 buckets using tongs. They can also count the coins too!

You Need:
2 cups rice
1 tsp rubbing alcohol(this makes it dry fast and not sticky)
5 drops food coloring

To Make:
Mix it together and let it dry on newspaper. Repeat for as many colors as you like. HINT: Once dry the colors don't rub off on anything


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rescued and Reused!!!

I found this on the side of the road and I left it there.  I actually left it there for 6 days until I had an idea for it. I was going to use it to store winter/summer clothes in the off season.  My sweet husband drug it home and as he was about to start dragging it up the stairs..I changed my mind(he was so is heavy):

 and decided to use it for this:

TO STORE MY CRAFT and FHE STUFF(this too made my hubby happy)!!!!!

All we did to it was add  a shelf and magnet catches for the doors and then I started to fill with my beloved crafty things..which fit perfectly.

It is organized from top to bottom:
1st Shelf-in the 3 white drawers scissors, punches, ribbon, glue gun, and all other craft odds and ends
in the 7 small drawers double sided tape, glue dots, magnets, velcro, etc and the basket holds paint picture frames paper cutter and other larger craft items
2nd Shelf(this shelf slides out how perfect is that)- FHE file folders are in the basket(FHE stuff needs a space too and it fit here perfectly) and a black wooden tray with glass jars for other misc craft items
3rd Small Shelf- fits perfectly my Silhouette and its supplies
Bottom Shelf- is home to my sewing machine, a basket for material and my sewing box

I didn't let an inch go to waste:

I attached these paper holders to the door using velcro dots.  Perfect for the much used scrapbook papers.

And door #2:

Our Family Home Evening Board!!!

I am so happy with how it turned out and now all of my craft items are in one space!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Showing LOVE

I love to have these crackers on hand for last minute running out the door to watch a child playing sports, trip to the park, or mom a need a snack for?????  You know what I mean..there is always a time when you need to grab a quick biet for the younger ones to tide them over until dinner.  I don't however like that they are kind of plain so I add stickers to them.  This time around it was leftover Valentines stickers and I snuck them into the kids lunch and they came home with huge smiles about their "I love you" crackers! I only decorated the 2 of them this morning so when they came home from school we had a fun little project to do while we talked about their days!

You need:
Individually wrapped crackers

To Make:
It is obvious...Right?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love All Week

I know Valentines was yesterday but I love to keep that spirit of love alive for at least a week.   Today in my childrens lunches they will be greeted with this:

I sprinkled heart sprinkles on their applesauce, cut hearts out of tortillas and made PB sandwiche(I also wrote a little note on each heart with a food markers), and for an easy valentines "cookie" I cut a heart out of a poptart. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Gifts for Children

I love to get my children a little something on Valentines Day and these little paint cans did the trick this year.
You can use whatever container you have available and add some of their favorite treats to it.  That however is not what makes these cans oh so special.  Every year on Valentines Day I write my children a love letter.  We often think love letters are reserved for our spouses but the look on my childrens faces as they read their love letters or me reading it to them is a priceless treasure.  The spirit sweeps over our home like a warm summer breeze and sweet feelings remain for weeks after our love letters have been read!

Love Potion

     I made these love potion labels to add a little fun to our heart shaped pizza dinner(I way cheated here..Papa Johns has heart shaped pizzas on Valentines Day and it is like a gift for me-no cooking or cleanup and for the kids).  I made them usiing power point on my compute,r printed them off, and adhered them with double sided tape to mini pop cans!