Monday, January 31, 2011

Snowman treat

These were so fun to make and the children loved them!!!

You Need:
Powdered Sugar Donut Holes
Small Wooden Scewers
Mini Chocolate Chips
Fruit By the Foot
White Frosting

To Make:
Slide 3 donut holes onto scewer

To Decorate:
*to adhere the mouth and nose you will use frosting as the "glue"

Eyes and Mouth: dip the tips pf the mini chocolate chips in the frosting and then push them into the top "snowball" making a set of eyes and mouth

  Nose: take a piece of orange starburts and work it until it is soft take a part and roll it in between you fingers to make a cone shape.  Dip the end into the frosting and place it firmly onto the face of your snowman

                                     Scarf:  cut the fruit by the foot into 3rds and then cut fringe at eh end of the  strip and wrap it around the snowmans neck.

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