Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Making Kit

 Start off by painting the top and bottom of a suitcase style box and then adding vinyl lettering or scrapbook stickers tot he top of the case

I made rougly 15 books for in the case and here is how:

1.  Cut scrapbook paper into different sizes and folded them in half to make the covers. 
2.  Cut printer paper a bit smaller to fit just inside the covers.

3.  About a half inch from the folded edge I sewed the book together andthen tied the ends.

and they look like this when they are finished:

Now for the finishing touches for the book making kit: Add cute erasers and pencils, fun stickers, colored pencils, crayons,  and a pencils sharpener.

The last thing I decided to do was take a pencil pouch and add velcro dots to it and stick it to the back of the lid so it can be removed easily but then put back when my little princess is done creating.  My boys liked it so much I think I will be making a boy version soon!

Snowman treat

These were so fun to make and the children loved them!!!

You Need:
Powdered Sugar Donut Holes
Small Wooden Scewers
Mini Chocolate Chips
Fruit By the Foot
White Frosting

To Make:
Slide 3 donut holes onto scewer

To Decorate:
*to adhere the mouth and nose you will use frosting as the "glue"

Eyes and Mouth: dip the tips pf the mini chocolate chips in the frosting and then push them into the top "snowball" making a set of eyes and mouth

  Nose: take a piece of orange starburts and work it until it is soft take a part and roll it in between you fingers to make a cone shape.  Dip the end into the frosting and place it firmly onto the face of your snowman

                                     Scarf:  cut the fruit by the foot into 3rds and then cut fringe at eh end of the  strip and wrap it around the snowmans neck.

Rainbow Cookie Pops

You Need:
Favorite cookie dough recipe
Popsicle sticks

To Make:
Take  sugar cookie dough  and add 1/4 Cup Sprinkles
Make the dough into 1 1/2 in balls
Stick a popsicle stick into the center
Lay on parchment paper lined cookie sheet about 2 inches apart
Press the balls flat
Bake in oven for approximately 10 minutes at 350 degrees
Let cool on pan for 3 minutes and then finish cooling them on a baking rack
Once cool frost and add sprinkes

These are great for any season by just changing the sprinkles or the color of frosting!

Melted Snowman for Breakfast????

My children love vanilla yogurt so one morning I thought we could add something to it to add a little fun so into the pantry I went a digging and came up with this:
chocolate chips or raisins for the mouth and eyes and candy corn for the nose..they were in love and now on mornings it snows this is the request!

Magnetic Craft Wall Organizer

Santa was nice enough to bring my crafty daughter a craft table for Christmas well we are fast approaching her birthday a month later and we decided what could be more perfect to go with the table than a craft organizer of some sort.  The research began and I found the following item I absolutely loved:
however the price tag not so much.  I researched further and thought well I could make a peg board like that but again the price for peg board accessories I was not a fan of either so I came up with this:

I went to the Restore and found this great frame but it was teal so I painted it pink for my girly girl and then went to our local sheet metal shop and had them cut me a piece to fit my frame.  Now that my board was ready I went on a hunt to find the accessories for my craft magnet board and came up with some inexpensive ideas.

I found these cute bottles at Michaels. 

These great boxes at Walmart.

and these great finds right out of my recycle bin(I have the great kind of can opener that doesn't leave sharp edges) They are going to be perfect for her paintbrushes, pencils, and markers!!!

Along with some magnetic clips, hooks for the scissors, and a cute pink bin I stole from the kids bathroom we have a craft organizer with room to grow!!!

How to's for some items to follow.....

Magnet Containers

I found these great containers in the office supply section at Walmart and they were already magnetic so I scooped them up and made them pretty.

      magnetic containers
     small alphabet scrapbook stickers
     scrapbook paper
     glue gun

To Make:
1.  Cut paper to size of lid
2.  Add stickers to top of paper to make words like: stuff, things, dodads, misc, bobbles(for those Tinkerbell fans)
3. Take your hot glue gun and add a srtip of glue to the bottom of you paper and then place it into the lid and quickly adjust it so the word is straight in the window. Replace lid and they are ready for your board,

Magnetic Craft Bottles

I found these great bottles at Michaels for half off so I scooped them right up.  I needed to make them magnetic and so a mini project began so I could hide the magnets.

Items Needed:
      vinyl cutting machine or scrapbook stickers-I used my Silhouette
      scrapbook paper
      glue dots
      glue gun

To Make:

1.  Using my Silhouette I cut out the vinyl and applied it to the front.

2.  I cut scrapbook paper to the size of the bottle.  Then I put glue dots on the back of the paper before bending it gently and placing it in the bottle.  I pressed the paper to the back of the bottle using a unsharpend pencil. 

3. Taking my glue gun I adhered magnets to the back hidden by the paper in the bottle.

It's that easy and now she will have aplace for beads, gems, and wiggly eyes..all at her finger tips!!!

Recycled Holders

               recycled cans from veggies or fruit
               scrap book paper cut to size
               hot glue gun
How to
Take the cans and put a strip of glue down it from top to bottom.  Take the paper and put on end on the strip of glue making sure it is straight.  Take the paper and wrap it around the can and then add a strip of glue to the end of the paper and attach it to the can.

If you are setting these on a desk you are done but if you want to make them magnetic which I did you add super strong magnets to the back using your glue gun.

Now you are ready to hold a mirad of craft supplies(pens, pencils, markers, paintbrushes)

Display for Children's Artwork

This past summer I spent A LOT of time in the doctors office and while perusing a magazine I saw this great idea for displaying childrens art work. You take an old ladder and hang it on the horizontal and display the artwork in between the rungs.  It also can be used for display of small toys as seen inthe picture...LOVE IT!!!

Yummy Bugs

These were a huge hit with my kiddos and their friends,

     Nutter Butter cookies
     pretzel sticks

To Make
1.  Lay the cookie on its side and separate the 2 sides.

2.  Lay 3 pretzel sticks across body adn break one pretzel stick in half and put at the top for antennas.

3.  Take other side of cookie and spread on a layer of frosting and palce it on top of the layer with the pretzel sticks.

4.  Using the frosting as "glue"  decorate the top of the cookies with eyes and spots for the bug.

5.  Eat up!!!  YUM YUM!

Pantry Gone Amuck

I have a small area in my kitchen for frequently used items and it looked something like this:
...well it actually looked like that to be quite honest.

Now it looks like this:

Ahhhh what some great containers(Better Homes and Garden food storage containers(Walmart) and Snapware(Target)) won't do to help you organize a space!